General posts

Mistakes as a self-taught developer

Admitting your mistakes is the first step to solving them. Explore the mistakes I made as a self-taught developer, and optimise your performance with strategies.

My Safari setup

Streamlining common development workflows boosts productivity. Check out the keyboard shortcuts and extensions I use for Safari as a developer.

Documentation-Driven Development

Explore why and how to implement Documentation-Driven Development within Feature Release Cycles and project-wide. Dive into example guidelines for DDD on macro and micro levels.

What makes great software development teams

An exploration into what makes great software teams, and the effects of various factors. Based on experience, the best software teams had passionate people, useful products, standardised processes, and positive culture.

How to get promoted faster to senior developer

Brainstorming strategies to uplevel in your career faster. The way to become a senior developer is to provide the value of a senior developer.